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Equipment and Fleet

Litewave has one of the largest independently-owned GPS-based fleets in North America, allowing us to deploy teams rapidly for emergency restoration services.  We have more than sixty 2500-Series Chevrolet and Ford raised-roof bucket trucks and cube vans, allowing us to service large-scale projects easily. Our mobile, climate-controlled splice labs have inverters, specially-designed work spaces, access hatches and top-of-the-line equipment. All vehicles are equipped with arrow boards for traffic direction, beacons, safety lighting, cones, ladders and MH equipment.

Our vehicles are equipped with the following equipment:

Fiber Optic Splicing Machines
for Single Fiber Splicing
  • Sumitomo T-101
  • Sumitomo T39
EXFO Scopes
  • OFS 300-2003
  • FFS 1 Fiber Scope
Fiber Optic Splicing Machines
for Ribbon Fiber Splicing
  • Sumitomo T-66
  • Sumitomo T-71-M12
Back Reflection Equipment
  • EXPO LTS 3900
  • EXPO LTS 3900
Lasers and Power Meters
  • EXFO FOT922 Max Testers
  • EXFO FOT930 Max Testers
Optical Time Domain
Reflectometers (OTDR)
  • EXFO – FTB100, FTB200, FTB300, FTB400
  • Agilent E6000C
Fiber Optic Source Meters,
Fault Locators, Fiber Identifiers
  • EXFO VFL200
  • Wilcom F-6121A Optical Fiber Identifier